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Clearing and care guide


Generally its best to have a time schedule for removing surface dust from your upholstery and this will depend on your environment. Vacuuming is best for fabrics and a slight damp cloth is best for upholstery. Anytime dust settles into the fabric a spill or stain will always be more noticeable and even more difficult to clean. 


Pebbletex is a 100% cotton fabric treated with a stain repellant finish and any stains should be blotted up immediately with a dry cloth or brush. Pen, pencil or grease marks sometimes can be gently removed with a white rubber based eraser. A stain that has time to settle in should be cleaned with a solvent based cleaner. Care should be taken when using these type cleaners, manufacturers instructions should be followed. These cleaners, made by Guardsman or Sprayway can be purchased online or some retailers. Only small areas can be spot cleaned, and heavy soaking or numerous cleaning in one area can result in a visible ring around the stain. A professional should be used for overall cleaning or any hard to clean stains. 


Cotton Twill is a 100% brushed cotton fabric that is pre-shrunk and is best for making our slipcovers. We generally advise to have your slipcovers cleaned by professional dry cleaners. They can be washed and depending on the color some fading and wrinkling will occur. The covers should be hung to a dry until they are almost completely dry with just a slight damp feeling, then fitted back on and cushions re-stuffed. A gentle stretch can be applied when fitting on the covers.  After completely dry a stain repellant finish should be applied such as Scotchgard or Guardsman. 


Caprone Leather is a 100% full grain leather with a protective top coat that requires only dusting with a slight damp cloth. Do not use any solvent based cleaners on your leather. Ink marks can usually be removed with a white rubber based eraser. Care should be taken to keep the leather away from any dry hot areas, such as direct sunlight or heating vents. 


Passion Suede is a 100% polyester microfiber that is very resistant to spills or stains and regularly vacuuming and gentle brushing to restore the nap is the only care required. If a stain or spill does occur can be blotted with a dry towel and or cleaned with warm soapy water. 


Cushions Rotate and fluff seat and back cushions regularly as this will prevent the cushion core from wearing prematurely, will preserve the fabric color and control welt slippage.


Our natural woven seagrass or water hyacinth frames are very durable and is easily cleaned with a damp cloth or vacuuming. This frames can also accept painting with a oil or water base paint.  



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