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Here at icustomsofa we are always striving to provide a better customer experience. We very much appreciate and love to here from all of our customers where we can make improvements. As we are always working on making improvements, either on our website or to our product line and our delivery. We believe we have the best quality, best options, all at the lowest price. As our patented connection system provides the strongest and most durable sofas and chairs in the industry, at any price. Currently our custom sofas, loveseats, chairs and other coordinating products are sold online and shipped to each customer ready-to-assemble. This is where we would like to make this experience much better. 

In almost every city and community in America, each are served by local upholstery crafts people, in large to very small shops. Many have years of re-upholstery experience and knowledge. Always providing a personal experience to every customer and at the same time supporting local communities with jobs and wealth benefits. Its been said that in an increasingly homogenized world, communities that preserve their one-of-a-kind businesses and distinctive character have an economic advantage and more important a sense of community values and appreciation for their neighbors. 

Thus here at Icustomsofa we are beginning a new program to provide a more personal experience when shopping with us by teaming up with local upholstery shops in your community. Local experienced upholstery craftsman have in depth experience and knowledge of what a good upholstery frame should be made of and quality materials and craftsmanship that goes into building a quality sofa or chair. They also offer a one-on-one experience with advice on upholstery plus fabrics and offer personal delivery. 

Currently we are in the first stages of hand picking select upholstery shops through out America to team up with on this new program. Its a process that will take sometime as we know their are more than 10,000 possible upholstery shops to work with. In some ways we are selecting upholstery shops in areas that many of our customers are in now. If you would like to become a ICustomSofa partner, please create an account including your business name and we will replay to your request within 1 to 2 business days. Or if you would like to recommend an upholstery shop please send email to Or post to our Twitter account. 

How will this new program affect current and new customers? You will still purchase right off our website and we “Icustomsofa” will pay the upholster in your area and you will still get the same great product we have always been providing. We will provide everything the upholstery shop will need to finish the upholstery and deliver to your home or business. Our great pricing on the website will not change because of this. Our fabric offerings will still be their along with all the options. But now you will have a greater selection of fabrics that are also offered by our upholstery partner in your area, when you use the “Use My Fabric” COM option in the fabrics and leathers selection page. Add to that the opportunity to see one of our sofas or chairs up close and personal. Plus you will have the option to have everything assembled; before or after the delivery. Another advantage is at anytime you need any repairs done thats easily taken care of. At any point in the future your sofa or chair can easily be re-upholstered at a much less cost, as we have designed for easy dis-assembled and reupholstery by your local upholstery craftsman. A very earth friendly sustainable product, that no other manufacture can offer. 

We truly believe this will create a better shopping experience, add more value to your purchase, at the same time supporting your local community and the businesses in them. If you have any questions or comments you may add to our twitter page or our facebook. page;

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