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Frame Construction:

All of our frames and components are designed and drawn, using CAD software and engineered to meet and exceed the highest industry standards for strength, durability and design.
Frames are built from 100% American kiln-dried hardwood, surfaced planed to 1 1/8 inches thick. Every joint is precision cut with a tolerance of <.0625. Each joint is held together by 2 or 3- 7/16 x 2 1/2 inch hard maple dowels, and every part of the joint and dowels is given a generous coat of high-strength glue, then clamped or screwed tightly. Critical joints are also reinforced with corner blocks- glued and screwed in place to insure the strongest possible frames built today.
We take these frames or components and handcraft the upholstery fabrics and leathers on with meticulous tailoring. Or with the natural woven frames which are hand-wraped and stapled using non-corrosive galvanized staples, another industry first. We use natural woven fibers, such as Water hyacinth, Bamboo, Seagrass, and Banana leaf or a combination of these materials. Each strand of natural woven goes though a quality selection process, then is dipped into a flexible sealer that still allows the natural woven to breath. This sealer eliminates the growth of bacteria or mold, resists stains, making it easier to keep clean and and eliminates any unnatural smell. After a complete drying process, two top coats of finish is applied for added protection.  

We use only the best natural woven fibers and processing available. Normally the imported natural woven furniture frames are built from inexpensive local wood, held together with low quality nails or staples that will eventually corrode overtime. These poorly constructed frames are weak, uncomfortable and will not holdup for very long.

Engineered for ready-to-assemble:

There’s no doubt that steel is stronger than wood. Our Ready-to-Assemble component system is designed to take advantage of the best qualities of hardwoods and steel to produce a solid frame that will last a lifetime of heavy use, plus dis-assembling and re-assembling. Our patented system of connectors use the heavy duty steel connectors for the most critical parts of a upholstery frame: where the arms connect to the seat and back. Pulling on the arm will lift up the opposite end of the sofa. Try this on any other upholstery frames. 

These specially designed and engineered heavy metal plates and that bolt together the individual components of seats, arms and backs have been engineered for easily assembly. Every hole that a bolt screws into has a 1/2" alignment spacer before reaching the threaded portion. This ensures that the bolt will always align-up. Making it easy to thread the bolt in, without any chance of cross-threading. Anyone can assemble in 15 minutes or less. Assembly instructions are available from this "link";. 

Under the cover:

Seating support is provided by 8 gauge sinuous wire springs in the seat and 11 gauge sinuous wire springs in the back.
These insulated clips for the springs are securely fastened to the frames, insuring that no spring will ever come loose. Each spring is tied to the next spring with 2 rows of a insulated silent wire for a uniform support and deep seating that never bottoms out.  Our spring system is guaranteed to always be completely silent. Special thickly fiber pad covers the springs and frame.  High density foam is in used in the arms and backs with a soft polyester pad over the foam.  Everyplace there is generous amounts of padding so there is never a feel of the springs or the frame. Also, there is never any exposed connectors or gaps between any parts.  All quality attributes of only high-end upholstery. This is one place where affordability and quality do go hand in hand.

Cushion construction

We offer several types of cushion construction. From firm, medium and soft. Please visit our "Comfort Options" page for more information about our cushion options and construction.  

Please direct any questions you may have about our construction by way of our forum or online chat. 



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