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Comfort Options

 Our Standard Medium seat cushions have a high density 2.0 pound Ultracell foam core. This core is sandwiched between  2 inches thick high density Ultracell super-soft foam topper.  These layers of foam is incased in a strong non-woven stitched cover. Each back cushion casing has 3 individual channels and is filled with the same 100% polyester siliconized cluster fiber that is hypo-allergenic and orderless.. This seating combination provides a soft crown top, yet very supportive and comfortable feel and minimizes any flattening or wrinkling. Regular turning is all that is required to maintain the shape and appearance of the cushions.  

We also offer this same combination with a Firmer Utracell seat foam and we add more fill to the back cushions for a firmer back cushion. Their is no up-charge for this option. 

Additional upgrade options:

Our Spring-Down seating offers yet the most luxurious and sink-in feel. Each cushion has 61 individual wrapped spring coils. These spring coils are then covered with a thick fiber padding that isolates the springs from the envelopes. These envelopes are sewn using down-proof ticking that has with 3 individual channels on top and bottom. Each channel is filled with a combination of 50% goose down/feathers and 50% 100% polyester siliconized conjugated fiber. Each back cushion uses this same combination inside a down-proof casing with 3 channels; top/center/bottom. Regular turning and fluffing will maintain the luxurious cushion appearance and comfort. Some softening and wrinkling will occur and is a normal attribute of this type of seating. 

Our 100% all natural Latex seats and backs. A industry first and a superior cushion for those who only want the best. Nothing feels better and performs better than 100% natural latex rubber. The latex core is wrapped on each side with one inch thick very high density visco-elastic memory foam. Our back cushions are 100% natural latex foam clusters, encased in a ticking that has 3 channels; top/center/bottom to always provide soft but very supportive back cushion. Latex has a natural cooling effect on the body and the memory foam top provides a long-lasting and contouring support. These cushions hold their shape year after year and require minimal maintenance. 

All of our seat and back cushions come with a 100% satisfaction life-time guarantee.

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