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Modular design and assembly

Assembly doesn't require any special skills or tools and easily assembled by one person. Clear and easy to follow instructions are provided from this "link" and normally takes between 15 to 30 minutes to assemble a chair or sofa. Their are 5 bolts for each side, plus a special patented (pending) connector that connects the back to the arms. After assembly their is "none whats so ever" of any connectors visible, plus we guarantee that it will be the most solid upholstery you have seen and without the look of the other manufacturers "ready to assembly" upholstery.


Modular components are assembled together to create our sofas and chairs . Each component is designed from the ground up for modular manufacturing and flexible design.  A break through from the conventional method of upholstery manufacturing. We also have created a very efficient and defect free manufacturing process for each individual component. Thus we are able to build a better quality upholstery for less, which means for you our customer an unprecedented value in upholstery. 


Their are 5 basic components





Front Base


This components are specifically designed to ship by normal common carrier: USPS, UPS, FedEx etc.  And our 3 seat sofa offers standard size seating and width. In any event of damage or an unlikely defect, any of the components can be replaced without the need to return the complete unit. Just contact us with your requests and we will arrange a pickup for any of the individual components. 

Also each component is inter-changeable; change arm styles, change loveseat to sofa or chair to sofa, switch leg styles, 3 seats to 2 seats, slipcovers fit the same arm style and size, whether its a fully upholstered or natural woven frame. Boring is what upholstery used to be before 




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